support medium

sup·port me·di·um

the material in which separation takes place, as in separation of components in electrophoresis.
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HK Export Finance (UKEF), the UK's export credit agency, said that it will support medium to long-term funding in renminbi (RMB).
A wide range of structural and non-structural elements are not tied or bolted to their support medium and thus are free to experience large displacements and rotations when subjected to ground motions.
Summary: "According to these instructions, it was decided to set up the Khalifa bin Zayed Fund to support medium and small projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt to the value of $1.
The Horizontal Integration Facility will support medium class mission capabilities.
The meetings also will review Arab development issues, including an Arab electricity link project, a gas line, a fund to support medium and small industries and the maritime transport sector.
More than other applications available today, Kanisa Expert Forums allows us to fully take advantage of this increasingly important support medium.
The project will consist of a senior loan of up to US$ 50 million with a tenor consistent with the life of the fund (expected to be 10 years) to support medium size environmental infrastructure private entities in Mexico in the renewable energy (including solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, hydro, etc.
including the industry-leading post-training support medium,
The two MC3 implanters will support medium current processes in and beyond the 110nm technology node.
HLP Guides, a unique electronic performance support medium, to be easily searched and launched by an employee when encountering difficulty using any software application.
The processor IC is cost effective enough to support medium quality consumer cameras, and is powerful enough to support the highest image quality required in professional and industrial cameras.
These offices support medium to large enterprises in a wide range of manufacturing industries, including CPG, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and apparel.

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