support beam

sup·port beam

(sŭ-pōrt' bēm)
Descriptive term for the ring finger in the modified pen grasp, when it supports hands weight during instrumentation.
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JDN says its big-bag handling hoists are purpose designed and feature twin overhead trolleys connected with rigid spacer beams, and the whole unit running on an overhead support beam and are designed for full 24/7 operation.
BETTER DAYS Olympia pool before the demolition team went to work DANGER Beam lies across the digger's arm LUCKY ESCAPE Support beam perches on the digger after roof caved in PICTURE: ALAN RICHARDSON RDSON
The hoists are operated from a 6 bar air supply, with two main air supply chain systems provided to accommodate both the 22 m support beam travel lengths plus the 18 m hoist movements.
This new model, with tilting conveyor support beam, makes cleaning easy as the operator can access, remove and clean most of the components at bench height.
The Oregon Shakespeare Festival says it lost about $1 million in ticket revenue but made up about $650,000 of that loss by staging performances in a temporary tent theater and other venues while the Angus Bowmer Theatre was out of commission due to the sudden failure of a main support beam this summer.
The cell includes the press with an extruder capable of 2400 lb/hr (1090 kg/hr), top-entry stacking robot, blender, loaders, nitrogen gas generator, chiller, and aluminum molds with support beam.
Incorrect orientation of the pin may cause gouging of the main landing-gear support beam.
The driver of the flat bed lorry was said to have been "lucky" to escape serious injury as a three-ton concrete and metal support beam he dislodged from the bridge smashed through the windscreen of his cab, narrowly missing him.
BADLY HURT: The rottweiler sits on a support beam under an old part of the Liverpool waterfront (above) and (right) its precarious position (circled) mp060607dog
A closer look unveiled a bent steel restraining plate located at the end of the support beam that allowed a portion of the sliding ram to jump off of the track.
Fit the roof support beam across the top of the shed, slotting it into the pre-cut grooves.
By the time the water could be shut off, the hot water heater was ruined, a support beam had caved in, and the walls were starting to collapse from the saturation.
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