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Nutrition The adding of nutrients–minerals, vitamins, to a diet Orthopedics See Viscosupplementation.


1. The addition of a vitamin, mineral, or other nutrient to a food.
2. The enhancement of the diet with special nutrients.

preventive supplementation

Nutritional supplementation to preempt diseases such as childhood malnutrition, anemias in chronic diseases, or neural tube defects in pregnancy.


the provision of supplementary materials.

Patient discussion about supplementation

Q. Why do I need an iron supplement? I am a 22 year old woman and my doctor told me that I need an iron supplement. Why?

A. Here is a movie about iron deficiency:

Q. herbal supplement is there a herbal supplement,for premature ejaculation,

A. Herbal supplements don't work wonders, so don't buy anything people are trying to sell you.. I am not familiar with a supplement that can help with premature ejaculation. Sorry.

Q. Is DHEA supplement beneficial, if so to what extent? I am an athlete and a high school student. I gain extra fat during exam time and it becomes difficult to shed them easily. Is DHEA supplement beneficial, if so to what extent?

A. Hi. I would pay attention to the warnings in the answers from Corey and Aprilbean. I've checked it out in my book on Nutrituonal Healing and you are still at an age when your body is producing it naturally. It declines later in life, especially after 40. It said; "CAUTION SHOULD BE EXERCISED WHEN TAKING THIS SUPPLEMENT". Some physicians believe that it may suppress the bodies natural ability to synthesize this hormone. High doses can lead to liver damage. I'd rethink this idea Waylon.

More discussions about supplementation
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Overall, the authors concluded vitamin D to be effective in the prevention of ARTI, and that people who are very deficient in vitamin D and those receiving daily or weekly supplementation without additional bolus experienced most benefit.
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Very few well-designed studies have been conducted to assess the effect of long-term Mg supplementation on hypertension and lipid profile in human beings.

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