supplemental tooth

su·per·nu·mer·ar·y tooth

(sūpĕr-nūmĕr-ar-ē tūth)
Any tooth in excess of 32; form may be normal or abnormal and may line inside or outside normal line of dental arch.
Synonym(s): supplemental tooth.
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Shape of a supernumerary tooth may vary from an odontoma to a supplemental tooth. Multiple supernumerary teeth may be associated with some syndromes or conditions such as Gardner's syndrome, cleidocranial dysostosis and cleft lip and palate (1, 2, 7).
Intraorally, supernumerary tooth (supplemental tooth), resembling permanent lateral incisor, was present palatally (Fig 3).
This supplemental tooth was very similar to the natural teeth in both size and shape.
Patient was unaware of the presence of supplemental tooth. On clinical examination the family and medical history were non--contributory.

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