supervised community treatment

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supervised community treatment

A format of mental healthcare which is provided for under section 17a of the Mental Health Act 2007. SCT is intended for certain patients after a period of in-hospital treatment. SCT allows certain patients with a mental disorder to be discharged from detention subject to re-admission if necessary, and is intended to reduce the “revolving door syndrome” in which patients leave hospital, stop their treatment, deteriorate and are then re-admitted.

To be eligible for SCT, a patient must be liable to be detained under Section 3 (of the Mental Health Act 1983) or subject to certain specified provisions under Part III of the Mental Health Act (i.e., a hospital order, a hospital direction or a transfer direction without restrictions).

Factors in choosing supervised community treatment
• Patient is suffering from a mental disorder of a nature or degree which makes medical treatment appropriate;
• The treatment is necessary for their health or safety or to protect others, and can be provided without hospitalision;
• Appropriate medical treatment is available for the patient;
• The responsible clinician is able to recall the patient to hospital.
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In the first revision to mental health law since 1983, the Parliament authorized the use of supervised community treatment, which will give mental health authorities the power to recall to a hospital patients previously under community treatment orders if they do not comply with their ongoing treatment.
A Opposition to the Bill has centred around the idea that it contains new powers to compel patients discharged from hospital to continue taking their treatment - supervised community treatment - and to lock up people with severe personality disorders judged to be a danger to themselves or others.
Q How will supervised community treatment orders work?
Under the plans, which will amend the Mental Health Act 1983, patients who have been detained in hospital and then released could be subject to supervised community treatment (SCT) orders that will ensure they continue to comply with treatment.

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