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An experienced rider, Jamie was the reigning Manx GP Supertwins champion, and this year achieved a top 10 finish in the TT Lightweight race.
Malachi Mitchell-Thomas, 20, died as a result of a crash on the third lap of the Supertwins race at the event in May.
Some of the highlights include: the Dunlop Aprilia Superteen Challenge, Aprilia RRV450GP Challenge, Bridgestone Supertwins (GP2) & Alto Digital Mintwin Cup, Bu- Headwear undersport500, Sparklight Racing Golden Era Superbikes & Supersport, e Van Insurer 600 Sportsman Elite (also known as e Axe Murderers), A&R Racing/Continental Pre-National Sport 600, Isle of Man Race Products Streetghter Championships and the Bike Insurer undersport GP1 (Moto Super Prix of Wales).
Maureen Boyle, founder of Mothers of SuperTwins, characterizes social media as the "Wild West" of support, "unstructured, untrained, with immediate 24/7 connection and feedback" (Pector & Hsiung, 2011).
Twins and Supertwins: A Handbook for Early Childhood Professionals" delves into the special needs of twins and supertwins, author Eve-Marie Arce's term for triplets or more.
One of the authors is the mother of triplets and belonged to "Mothers of Supertwins," which is a national support group for triplet families.
Reveley is competing once again in the Thundersport GB Championship, in the Super- Fighter and Supertwins category, but things have not exactly gone according to plan.
She is on the Board of Directors for National Perinatal Association and serves on the medical advisory board of Mothers of SuperTwins.
In ancient times, doubleness in nature was often interpreted as a manifestation of the supernatural or intervention by the gods -- that is why many gods in different religions are twins or supertwins.
The Supertwins events saw victory for Ryan Harris from Brighton, taking a double victory aboard his Ducati 998.
Machines up front include Aprilia's supertwins the RSV Mille and Falco plus race-rep 250, Kawasaki's flagship, the ZX12R and their Ninjas, the new R1, R6 and XJR 1300 from Yamaha plus CCM supermotos.
The Supertwins race was stopped during the second lap, due to the fire with a "red flag" raised to warn riders of the danger.