supersonic waves

su·per·son·ic waves

sound waves of higher frequency than the level of audibility.
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The problem with these early models was that the supersonic waves moved so rapidly that the stellar material couldn't expand before it burned.
Sanyo's machine uses supersonic waves and electrolytes to clean clothes.
The cleansing function is also enhanced by the supersonic waves resulting from the bursting of fine bubbles that are made by the washing machine, the company said in a new release.
The underwater images were transmitted via supersonic waves to a facility above ground, almost without any time lag.
Japan Atomic Power said plant workers used supersonic waves to try to determine the location of the crack in the stainless steel pipe, manufactured by Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd.
In 1921 Brillouin have predicted that supersonic wave in ideal liquid acts as diffraction gratings for optical light [1].