superoxide dismutase

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su·per·ox·ide dis·mu·tase (SOD),

an enzyme that catalyzes the dismutation reaction, 2O2·- + 2H+ → H2O2 + O2; there are three isozymes of SOD: an extracellular form (ECSOD) that contains copper and zinc, a cytoplasmic form that also contains copper and zinc, and a mitochondrial form that contains manganese; a deficiency of SOD is associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
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superoxide dismutase

An enzyme present in all aerobic organisms which catalyses the reaction O2•– + O2•–  + 2H+ = H2O2 + O2. Superoxide dismutase serves to protect the organism against the havoc caused by oxygen free radicals.

Fringe medicine
Concentrates of superoxide dismutase have been marketed for their claimed ability to reduce ageing and degeneration of tissue, and as a therapy for cataracts, arthritis and other age-related phenomena.
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su·per·ox·ide dis·mu·tase

(sū'pĕr-oks'īd dis'myū-tās)
An enzyme that catalyzes the dismutation reaction 2O2·- + 2H+→ H2O2 + O2; a deficiency is associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
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superoxide dismutase

A natural body enzyme that converts the superoxide free radical to hydrogen peroxide, which is then catalyzed to water. The gene for superoxide dismutase is on the long arm of chromosome 21 near the Alzheimer's locus. Brain tissue is highly susceptible to free radical damage. People with Alzheimer's disease have reduced levels of superoxide dismutase.
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