(sū-pĕr-ō-mē'dē-ăl), [TA]
Above and toward the midline.
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We present a case of previously unreported orbital compartment syndrome secondary to iatrogenic fracture of the superomedial orbital rim as a complication of frontal trephine irrigation.
The decision was made to undertake elbow arthroscopy, and a large, tense, pedunculated synovial cyst was noted arising from the superomedial corner of the olecranon fossa.
The incision extended from the superomedial aspect of each horn, about 2 cm medial and caudal to the origin of the fallopian tube towards the medial aspect and the base of the horn (Fig.
A rare case of multiple cavernous hemangiomas with an unusual extraconal and superomedial location and arising from conjunctiva is presented here.
The sublingual space (SLS) is located inferior to intrinsic muscles of the oral tongue, lateral to the genioglossus-geniohyoid complex and superomedial to the mylohyoid muscle.
Nisan 2006 tarihinde benign prostat hiperplazisi nedeniyle prostatektomi yapilan serbest meslek sahibi 65 yasindaki erkek hasta, ameliyat sonrasi ikinci haftada her iki kasik ve uyluk superomedial kisimlarina yayilan Ozellikle yururken, merdiven inip Cikarken artan, istirahatte de var olan suprapubik agri, ates ve dizuri yakinmalariyla enfeksiyon hastaliklari poliklinigine basvurmustu.
The circumareolar approach works well with expander-implant breast reconstructions in situations where the NAC is preserved on a superomedial pedicle, but it is more difficult to produce a good cosmetic outcome when the NAC is removed, because of breast coning.
4,28-36) It is well accepted that there is a predilection for the superomedial and superolateral orbital areas.
Knowledge of the precise coccygeal insertion sites allows consideration of the full extent of the superomedial attachment of the sacrotuberous ligament.
Transoral approach to the superomedial parapharyngeal space.