superior thoracic aperture

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su·pe·ri·or tho·rac·ic ap·er·ture

the upper boundary of the bony thorax composed of the first thoracic vertebra and the upper margins of the first ribs and manubrium of the sternum. Note: clinicians refer to the superior thoracic aperture as the "thoracic outlet." as in "thoracic outlet syndrome."
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From a skeletal perspective, the thoracic outlet region involves the size and shape of the superior thoracic aperture (thoracic outlet), the first rib and/or the presence of a cervical rib (present in approximately one percent of the population), the clavicle, and the adjacent scapula--namely the coracoid process.
The subclavian artery and vein begin in the superior mediastinum with the subclavian artery traveling through the superior thoracic aperture into the neck and arching laterally through the interscalene triangle into the axilla, and the subclavian vein passing anterior to the anterior scalene and arching over the first rib into the axilla.

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