superior suprarenal arteries

su·pe·ri·or su·pra·re·nal ar·ter·ies

origin, as multiple branches of the paired inferior phrenic arteries; distribution, suprarenal gland.
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su·pe·ri·or su·pra·re·nal ar·te·ries

(sŭ-pēr'ē-ŏr sū'pră-rē'năl ahr'tĕr-ēz) [TA]
Origin, inferior phrenic artery; distribution, suprarenal gland.
Synonym(s): arteriae suprarenales superiores.
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This testicular artery was seen to give off the inferior phrenic and superior suprarenal arteries. During its course the artery was posterior to the inferior vena cava.

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