superior segment

su·pe·ri·or seg·'ment

the uppermost segment of the kidney;
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Of the 100 patients, 98 were followed with serial examinations for 3 years, and the outcomes at all vaginal segments were documented, with particular attention to the posterior superior segment, using staging from the Pelvic Organ Prolapse Quantification (POP-Q) system.(10)
Chest radiography and computed tomography revealed small nodular and confluent ground grass opacities over the posterior segment of the left upper lobe and superior segment of the left inferior lobe (Figure 1).
We also preferred limited thoracotomy and wedge biopsy (from lingula, superior segment, and basal segment of left lower lobe) to acquire adequate tissue material.
In addition, superior segment facet violation has recently shown to cause the adjacent level destabilization in pedicle screw fixation [9].
CECT chest revealed consolidation of superior segment of the left lower lobe.
An X-ray of the pelvis showed degenerative changes (Figure 1), and because of the patient's ongoing lower back pain and peripheral joint swelling, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the sacroiliac joints was performed, which showed periarticular edema of the sacrum in the anterior segment along with a slight increase in sclerosis of the right sacroiliac joint in the anterior superior segment. Slight edema of the left periarticular sacral area was also seen in the posterior segment.
Saglam ve anizometropik ambliyop gozlerin AKA ve makula kalinligi olcum modu ile elde edilen niakula kalinliklari degerlerinin eslestirilmis orneklem t-testi p degerleri AKA ve makula kalinligi olcum modunda degerlendirilen segment Goz p * Makula merkezi segment Saglam 1,0 Ambliyop 0,27 Makula superior segment Saglam 0,16 Ambliyop 0,34 Makula inferior segment Saglam 0,23 Ambliyop 0,56 Makula temporal segment Saglam 0,04 Ambliyop 0,36 Makula nazal segment Saglam 0,59 Ambliyop 0,10 * Eslestirilmis, orneklem t-testi p degeri
All the lobes were thoroughly examined with particular attention to the apex and the superior segment of the lower lobe.
Enter the peritoneal cavity at the most superior segment of the abdominal incision; use sharp, rather than blunt, dissection to separate a densely adherent bladder from the uterus.
Thorax spiral Computed Tomography (CT) showed no pulmonary artery thrombus, but revealed a cavitary lesion at superior segment of left lower lobe and pleural involvement at right side (Figure 2 and 3).
The supraspinous ligaments superior to the spinous process of the superior segment and inferior to the spinous process of inferior segment were cut, as the superior and inferior facet joints were dissected and disarticulated.

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