superior parietal lobule

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su·pe·ri·or pa·ri·e·tal lob·ule

the area of the convex surface of the parietal lobe of the cerebrum lying between the longitudinal cerebral fissure and the interparietal sulcus caudal to the postcentral gyrus; it is continuous with the precuneus on the medial aspect of the hemisphere.

superior parietal lobule

The upper half of the posterior segment of the parietal lobe of the brain.
Synonym: superior parietal gyrus
See also: lobule
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In addition, we found that some areas such as the superior parietal lobule displayed even shorter latencies.
We also found a longitudinal decline in the activation of the superior parietal lobule and inferior parietal cortex (BA 40).
Listening: Areas of activation were observed bilaterally in the superior parietal lobule (BA 7), the superior and middle temporal gyrus (BA22), the insula (BA13) and the postcentral gyrus (BA7) of the left hemisphere, in the superior temporal gyrus (BA42) of the right hemisphere.
In addition, the posterior inferior temporal lobe, the precuneus, the angular gyrus, and the posterior superior parietal lobule were activated, but not any spot within the occipital cortex.

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