superior lateral genicular artery

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su·pe·ri·or lat·er·al ge·nic·u·lar ar·ter·y

origin, popliteal; distribution, knee joint; anastomoses, lateral circumflex femoral, third perforating, anterior tibial recurrent, lateral inferior genicular, that is, the articular vascular network of the knee.
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The genicular arteries are the branches of the femoral and popliteal arteries (PA) which have six kinds of branches, the descending genicular artery, the superior medial genicular artery (SMGA), the superior lateral genicular artery (SLGA), the middle genicular artery (MGA), the inferior medial genicular artery (IMGA) and the inferior lateral genicular artery (ILGA).
ILGA, inferior lateral genicular artery; IMGA, inferior medial genicular artery; MGA, middle genicular artery; SLGA, superior lateral genicular artery; SMGA, superior medial genicular artery.
Jain, "Pseudoaneurysm of the superior lateral genicular artery: case report of a rare complication after total knee arthroplasty," Patient Safety in Surgery, vol.

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