superior costotransverse ligament

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su·pe·ri·or cos·to·trans·verse lig·a·ment

the fibrous band that extends upward from the neck of a rib to the transverse process of the next higher vertebra.
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Ligaments like the superior costotransverse ligament seem to have fenestrations [24], and these porous anatomical structures can be speculated to allow anterior spread of the local anesthetic.
These boundaries include the parietal pleura ventrolaterally; heads of the ribs, transverse process, and superior costotransverse ligament dorsally; and vertebra, intervertebral discs, and intervertebral foramina medially.
Loss of resistance or a subtle "pop" was felt as the needle passed through the superior costotransverse ligament. After negative aspiration, 5 ml of the drug according to the group was administered per site.

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