superior cluneal nerve

su·pe·ri·or clu·ne·al nerve

(sŭ-pēr'ē-ŏr klū'nē-ăl nĕrv)
Terminal branches of the dorsal primary rami of the lumbar nerves, supplying the skin of the upper half of the gluteal region.
Synonym(s): nervi clunium superiores.
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This edition has new illustrations and new chapters on sudden unilateral neuralgiform conjunctival injection tearing headache, primary thunderclap headache, hypnic headache, nummular headache, atypical odontalgia, burning mouth syndrome, nervus intermedius neuralgia, red ear syndrome, clival chordoma syndrome, glomus tumor of the shoulder, osteonecrosis of the elbow joint, driver's elbow, boxer's knuckle, trigger wrist, superior cluneal nerve entrapment syndrome, clitoral priapism, breaststroker's knee, glomus tumor of the knee, and fabella syndrome.
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