superior branch

su·pe·ri·or branch

branch that is directed upward or cranially or is highly placed, usually in contrast to an inferior branch. Terminologia Anatomica lists superior branches (ramus superior/rami superiores) of the following: 1) right and left inferior pulmonary veins (venae pulmonalis dextrae/sinistrae inferioris [TA]); 2) oculomotor nerve (CN III) (nervi oculomotorii [CN III] [TA]); 3) superior gluteal artery (arteriae gluteae superioris [TA]; and 4) transverse cervical nerve (nervi transversalis cervicalis [colli] [TA]).
Synonym(s): ramus superior
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ARB is the leading retail bank in the kingdom, with its Islamic status and superior branch network.
The bank has also piloted the implementation of a hearing loop in its Jumeirah branch to offer customers with hearing disabilities an improved and superior branch experience.
The MPs asked why the president had said, in contravention to the Supreme Leader's views, that the Majlis is not the superior branch of power in the country.
The Bank has crossed 325 branches and is steadily increasing its distribution network, aiming towards improving accessibility to our superior branch banking services.
Particularly, the superior branch of the arcuate fasciculus in the right hemisphere could not be detected in the tone-deaf individuals.
The superior branch skirts the superior border of gluteus minimus muscle to the anterior superior iliac spine and anastomoses with the deep circumflex iliac artery and the ascending branch of the lateral circumflex femoral artery.
Levine et al suggested the possibility of using preoperative CDP to determine whether acoustic neuromas smaller than 1.5 cm originate in the inferior or superior branch of the vestibular nerve.
"In keeping with our commitment to be the first to offer our customers the most advanced retail banking solutions, we have leveraged digital innovation to create a superior branch experience," said Suvo Sarkar, Senior Executive Vice President & Group Head - Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Emirates NBD.
In 22 limbs, it was only inferior deep palmar branch of ulnar artery which formed deep palmar arch, in 13 cases the superior branch which contributed to formation of deep palmar arch.
The bleeding had come from a superior branch of this large artery.
The superior branch passes upward along the ascending colon to anastomose with the right colic artery.

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