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The act of superfusing.
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Nevertheless, a significant decrease was observed after 10 min superfusion of the cell with 300 [micro]M L-arginine associated with 1 mM L-NAME (control: -206.9 [+ or -] 78.2; L-arginine: -308.3 [+ or -] 98.6; L-arginine + L-NAME: -230.7 [+ or -] 74.1 pA;.
(d) I/V curves of the mean whole cell currents ([+ or -] SE, n = 3) of Jurkat-Bcl-2 cells recorded the absence (left) or presence of the TRPM2-activator ADP-ribose (right) in the pipette before (open circles) and after bath superfusion with the TRPM2 inhibitor ACA (closed triangles).
One should not conclude that the relative strengths of the United States and China are unchanged, or that these countries have arrived at the point of superfusion or the dual country of "Chimerica" some have proclaimed (Ferguson 2009; Karabell 2009).
In ITSNP-group, just after two hours of superfusion the mean MOTOR/SENSORY-ASIA-SCORE was 13.84%/13.10% as compared to Control-group (both subgroups) showing no improvement upto 24 hours.
Once it was born, Chimerica took on a life of its own in the global press in headlines ranging from "marriage made in heaven" to "marriage on the rocks," "'Chimerica' is headed for divorce," "Chimerica suicide," and "Chimerica: R.I.P." As I will show further, the concept also benefits from similar new coinages such as a U.S.-China "G2" and "Superfusion."
A regular commentator on CNBC and a contributing editor for Newsweek/Daily Beast, he is the coauthor of Sustainable Excellence: The Future of Business in a Fast-Changing World and Superfusion: How China and America Became One Economy and Why the World's Prosperity Depends on It.
The depth of this interdependence creates a relationship that is stabilized in a kind of economic version of mutually assured destruction."); ZACHARY KARABELL, SUPERFUSION: HOW CHINA AND AMERICA BECAME ONE ECONOMY AND WHY THE WORLD'S PROSPERITY DEPENDS ON IT (2009) (discussing the intertwined economic relationship between China and the United States); Peter K.
This intelligent patent pending technology takes detail from the visual image to improve the thermal image, a form of superfusion.
Solutions containing GABA, or receptor agonists/antagonists, or both were bath-applied by means of a switching port at the inflow of the superfusion system.
The effects of CRF and the urocortins on [3H]GABA release from the rat amygdala--an in vitro superfusion study.
During superfusion with 20 [micro]M BDE-47, the release frequency was enhanced to 6.0 [+ or -] 1.7 events/min (n = 6; p < 0.05), whereas superfusion with 2 [micro]M BDE-47 caused no detectable effect (1.2 [+ or -] 0.5 events/min; n = 7).