superficial layer

su·per·fi·cial lay·er

in a stratified structure, the outermost or topmost of the strata; the stratum nearest the surface. See: superficial layer of deep cervical fascia, superficial layer of the levator palpebrae superioris, superficial layer of temporal fascia.
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These are either vesicles with fluid filled cavities which are present in superficial layer of the mucosa or nodule which are present deep in the connective tissue.
He argues that 'Pakistani society, in spite of a superficial layer of modernity, remains largely the kind of society Sir Syed Ahmad Khan had tried to change 150 years ago.'
Qassemi said that the "Zionist regime of Israel" is trying in vain to create a superficial layer of security by attempting to consign their nasty history into oblivion, neglecting that tyranny will not last and it should stand accountable for shedding the bloods unjustly.
'Stem cells gradually start repopulating and giving nutrition to the superficial layer of the cornea since the cornea does not have a blood supply.
The 0-20 cm layer showed greater SMX sorption compared with the 20-60 cm layer, although the latter had a slightly higher clay fraction than the superficial layer. This indicates that there is almost no interaction of clay minerals with SMX, especially hydrophobic, which could occur with neutral microsites of any mineral, confirming that the more hydrophobic the molecule, the smaller its interaction with clay.
All throughout, her work suggests how softness is just a fragile, superficial layer that keeps the broken edges from piercing through.
The superficial layer of lamina propria, also called as Reinke's space, contains macrophages, myofibroblasts, and fibroblasts at high concentrations.
The microstructure of the weld metal cap pass was analysed with electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) in a FEI Quanta 450 scanning electron microscopy with Bruker [e.sup.-] Flash model with 20 kV, steps sizes of 11.93 and 0.46 [micro]m, for overall last bead weld metal and the superficial layer, respectively.
Adenocarcinoma and SCC were mostly present in the superficial layer of the TURBT specimen, while high-grade UC was found in the deeper layers where muscle invasion was present.
Another striking finding was that in some of the patients, the superficial layer was intact despite pronounced changes and neovascularization in the deep layer (Figures 7 and 8).
The soil total porosity and microporosity showed the interaction between the evaluated factors, whereby the organic treatment showed average values higher than the other treatments in the superficial layer (0.0-0.05 m) and higher than average values of the subsequent layers.

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