superficial cervical artery

su·per·fi·cial cer·vi·cal ar·ter·y

origin, branch of thyrocervical trunk, running with spinal accessory nerve deep to trapezius muscle.
See also: superficial branch of the transverse cervical artery.
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su·per·fi·cial cer·vi·cal ar·te·ry

(sū'pĕr-fish'ăl sĕr'vi-kăl ahr'tĕr-ē) [TA]
Branch of transverse cervical artery that accompanies the spinal accessory nerve on the deep surface of the trapezius muscle. Alternatively arises as a direct branch of the thyrocervical trunk, in which case it is called the superficial cervical artery.
Synonym(s): ramus superficialis arteriae transversae colli.
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Three arteries [suprascapular artery (SSA), superficial cervical artery (SpCA), dorsal scapular artery (DScA)] may be used for flap harvesting lies within this region.
Branching type Number of Percentage sides (%) Individual origin of SSA, 67 23.8 SpCA and DScA Trunk formation 214 76.2 CDT 107 38 CST 66 23.4 CDST 40 14.3 DST 1 0.3 Totally 281 100 CDT: cervicodorsal trunk; CDST: cervicodorsoscapular trunk CST: cervicoscapular trunk; DScA: dorsal scapular artery; DST: dorsoscapular trunk; SpCA: superficial cervical artery; SSA: suprascapular artery.

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