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(L., sing.) eyebrow; the transverse elevation at the junction of the forehead and upper eyelid.


(ī'brow), [TA]
The crescentic line of hairs at the superior edge of the orbit.
Synonym(s): supercilium [TA]


, pl. supercilia (sū'pĕr-sil'ē-ŭm, -ă) [TA]
1. Synonym(s): eyebrow.
2. An individual hair of the eyebrow.
[L. fr. super, above, + cilium, eyelid]


A transverse elevation covered with hairs and situated at the junction of the forehead and upper lid. Syn. supercilium. See ophryosis.
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Thus Martial 9.79.1: 'oderat ante ducum famulos turbamque priorem et Palatinum Roma supercilium', and Pliny, Paneg.
1.4.1-2 - "Contigeris nostros, Caesar, si forte libellos,/terrarum dominum pone supercilium" (If you by chance take up our books, Caesar,/put away that stern look that rules the world) - where Martial similarly assumes a deprecatory tone before the emperor.