a nickname, generally used in biological terms to refer to specific BACTERIA with one or more enhanced phenotypic properties beyond those which are usual and that may produce detrimental effects. Examples include:
  1. (a) bacterial strains resistant to many different antibiotics (see MULTIPLE DRUG RESISTANCE), such as multiply resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Such super-bugs render many drugs useless in combating the infections caused by these organisms and sometimes defy the last line of antibiotic defence.
  2. (b) Extremely radiation-resistant Deinococcus radiodurans, surviving doses that would kill most bacteria; and
  3. (c) the genetically modified bacterium of the genus Pseudomonas developed by A.M. Chakrabarty and capable of degrading multiple hydrocarbons, for use in clearing oil spills.
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A 2014 study at Auburn University in Alabama found that MRSA - a super-bug resistant to many antibiotic treatments - can live for a week in the fabric of a seat pocket nestled in a small blob of saliva.
A new super-bug which can cause infertility has been sweeping the United Kingdom these days.
Widespread use of antibiotics over a long period of time targeting this bacterium is believed to have resulted in the emergence of acne super-bug strains that are resistant to first-line antibiotics.
A COVENTRY pensioner died after catching a deadly super-bug as he lay in his hospital bed.
Scientists find drug-resistant super-bug. Scientists say they have discovered new drug-resistant bacteria that appear to be spreading worldwide.
Cases of the super-bug MRSA, which is resistant to many antibiotics, have halved compared with August last year from 32 cases to 15.
At least nine wounded soldiers have contracted the MRSA super-bug while being treated in hospital - and that is just the number admitted to by the Ministry of Defence.
WASHING hands in soap and warm water is the best method to combat the clostridium difficile (C.difficile) super-bug claims a recent Canadian study.
Hospital bosses say it is because strict measures have been put in place to tackle the super-bug infection.
Rates of the MRSA super-bug have soared in the past decade, with hospital cleanliness largely blamed for helping infection to spread.
A hospital has been forced to pay damages to a patient who contracted the super-bug MRSA in what lawyers said was the first reported case of its kind.
Colin Evans, 71, was diagnosed with the super-bug after his wife became increasingly concerned about his health.