super woman syndrome

super woman syndrome(s)

A condition that may affect any ♀ with ≥ 2 X chromosomes, which tends to be more pronounced with more X chromosomes Clinical ♀ with 3 X chromosomes may be asymptomatic or have mental retardation, menstrual dysfunction, microcephaly, dental defects, strabismus, and hypertelorism; with 4 X, mental retardation is the norm, which may be accompanied by midfacial hypoplasia, micrognathia, radial synostosis, 5th finger clinodactyly, narrow shoulders, web neck; with 5 X, defects include growth retardation, FTT, mongoloid slant, saddle nose, PDA, colobomas, limb defects. See XXX, XXXX, and XXXXX syndromes.
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Chambers also points to problems around unrealistic expectations surrounding the woman when she returns home, or the "super mom, super woman syndrome." She adds that it is "difficult for someone to feel successful with those kinds of expectations." Also, following treatment, a client still could be unavailable because she is going to many meetings or otherwise receiving outpatient treatment, Chambers observes.