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the actinic rays of direct sunlight are known to have disinfectant properties, to be instrumental in the production of vitamin D in the skin and to be the trigger mechanism in photosensitive dermatitis, squamous cell carcinoma of the eye in cattle and of the vulva in sheep and solar dermatitis.

Patient discussion about sunlight

Q. Is it possible to be allergic to sun??? I met this girl the other day that told me she is allergic to the sun. Is it actually possible???

A. Some people are sensitive to sun-light, not because of an allergic reaction but because of different conditions or diseases that involve this symptom. Some of these reactions may be similar to an allergic reaction because the skin gets irritated, however biochemically it does not involve the same mechanism as an allergic reaction. The sensetivity to sun an immunologic and sometimes auto-immunologic symptom.

Q. What roll does the sun have in causing cancer

A. Hi again:

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Q. I feel some effects due to less exposure to sunlight. I heard that UV lighting is effective for depression. I’m living in northwest pacific; the summers are very nice but way to short. I feel some effects due to less exposure to sunlight. I have been told that sun light helps the production of the chemical in the brain that we are deficient of. If true, are there certain types of fixtures and/or bulbs that I should try.

A. Its also called seasonal affective disorder:

(SAD) depression with fatigue, lethargy, oversleeping, overeating, and carbohydrate craving recurring cyclically during specific seasons, most commonly the winter months.

I would about UV. Perhaps you should get a fluorescent light fixture for the area where you spend the most time each day and turn it on.

The web sites that sell the commercial light boxes want several hundred dollars or even more. (Seems like rip off to me.)
The web page at

says "studies suggest that regular fluorescent lights will work as well. UV (ultraviolet) light can damage eyes and skin, so it must be filtered out. It is best to buy a commercially built light box to be sure of the exact amount of light and to be sure that there are no isolated "hot spots" which could damage eyes. Many people still prefer full spectrum (minus UV) light because it i

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