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sun block

A chemical preparation, such as zinc oxide, that is applied to the skin to protect it from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.


Public health An opaque substance, usually formulated from zinc or titanium oxides, designed to completely prevent solar radiation from reaching the skin. See SPF rating. Cf Sunscreen.

Patient discussion about sunblock

Q. what does a sun block cream do? and what are a UV rays?

A. It blocks out harmful Ultra violet rays from the skin as the previous entries have related; however it can also block your ability to produce vitamin D. If you live in a northerly area or one that receives limited sunlight, its recommended to get at least 15 minutes of sun a day (this is probably best done with minimal sunblock) and according to personnal sun sensitivity. Another thing to keep in mind is that sunblock works best if applied 20 minutes before sun exposure.

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He realized that slathering a sunblock before taking the plunge or hopping on the bike isn't enough.
While the lack of sunblock use exposes residents to the risk of contracting skin cancers, it can also increase their risk of suffering from melasma, a disease indicated by dark spots and hyper-pigmentation on the face.
"Unfortunately, most people apply too little sunscreen or sunblock too infrequently to get its full protection," says Duke University's Sheldon Pinnell.
KMF offers two products to help you ward off the summer vermin--the natural bug spray Sunswat ($9, 4 oz.), which pulls double duty as SPF 15 sunblock, and the tick-and-insect repellent Swy Flotter ($8, 4 oz.).
is among the suppliers offering sunblock sticks designed for easy application to such sunburn-prone areas as the ears, nose and shoulders.
No-Ad Kids Sunblock and Hawaiian Tropic Just for Kids were rated unacceptable since they were labeled SPF 30 but did not even deliver SPF 15.
BLOCK sun damage by applying a sunblock lotion or sunstick of at least SPF 15.
'We have sunblocks for use before they go under the sun as well as after-sun products to help cool and provide relief,' says Reyes.
offers a collection of children's sunblock products called Disney Sun Pals, featuring a number of popular Walt Disney Co.
Hawaiian Tropic, for example, has introduced Splash 30 SPF sunblock for Kids, which, unlike some children's products on the market, contains "no dyes or artificial colors to stain clothes." Ms.
I've always tried to cover my arms and put sunblock on my hands but they are getting worse.
I've achieved a certain level of notoriety among friends because of my obsessive sunblock habits.