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sun block

A chemical preparation, such as zinc oxide, that is applied to the skin to protect it from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.


Public health An opaque substance, usually formulated from zinc or titanium oxides, designed to completely prevent solar radiation from reaching the skin. See SPF rating. Cf Sunscreen.

Patient discussion about sunblock

Q. what does a sun block cream do? and what are a UV rays?

A. It blocks out harmful Ultra violet rays from the skin as the previous entries have related; however it can also block your ability to produce vitamin D. If you live in a northerly area or one that receives limited sunlight, its recommended to get at least 15 minutes of sun a day (this is probably best done with minimal sunblock) and according to personnal sun sensitivity. Another thing to keep in mind is that sunblock works best if applied 20 minutes before sun exposure.

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What's the point in wearing the highest factor of sunblock if you're not wearing enough to actually get the job done?
For maximum skin protection, it is vital to use the sunblock that best suits your skin type and outdoor activity.
On my last trip to Singapore for the Laneway Music Festival, I insisted on reapplying sunblock over my makeup, clogging my pores beyond belief.
While the lack of sunblock use exposes residents to the risk of contracting skin cancers, it can also increase their risk of suffering from melasma, a disease indicated by dark spots and hyper-pigmentation on the face.
Importantly, recently announced research results have linked ultraviolet light to melanoma; our sunblock is highly effective at reducing exposure to this damaging solar radiation," Myers added.
I saw Paolo Nutini at the Scottish Fashion Awards and I would rub sunblock into him," she said.
Still, taking daily precautions in addition to diligent sunblock use is always key.
The next morning I had a couple of pink spots left on my face, but everywhere else was tanned as if I had spent a careful week with sunblock.
The Rx Suncare line comprises a lip balm sunblock, a face sunblock, two advanced protection products in SPF 50 and SPF 30, a sport sunblock, a children's sunblock, an advanced protection spray, and a burn-relief mask.
Singer Leona Lewis is backing a campaign to encourage teens to use sunblock but everyone, regardless of their skin type, should be applying it regularly, especially over moles.
And our love of a cheesey tune helps Sunblock to No.