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A bed or booth fitted with UV lights that emit UV-A, and lesser amounts of UV-B radiation, homogeneously delivering maximum light in the minimum time
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"It's not real, it's fake, and some people want a real tan but they might not be able to afford a holiday to get one, so they opt for a sunbed," she said.
If the number of teenagers and young adults using sunbeds does not decrease, "more radical actions" should be considered including a nationwide ban on sunbed salons, according to researchers from the International Prevention Research Institute in Lyon, France.
Sunbed use among Polish adolescents has not been studied.
It found that sunbed users are 69 per cent more likely to develop BCC before the age of 40 than people who never use the tanning method.
Many people use a sunbed before going to sunnier climes because they believe it will stop them from getting sun burnt.
University researchers have found that up to a third of all sunbed users actually become addicted to tanning.
In September 2008, a market surveillance exercise was launched in tanning salons and wellness centres based on concerns by specialists over the role of sunbeds in the incidence of skin cancer, which is doubling every 15 years.
TEENS in Wales' tanning salon capital remain defiant in the face of a ban on under-18s using sunbeds.
Around a quarter of adults in the UK are believed to have used a sunbed, and 6% of young people aged 11 to 17.
A tan will protect me from the sun on holiday: False At most a sunbed tan is the equivalent to using a suncream with an SPF 2 to 4, which is not enough to keep your skin safe in the sun.
Many sunbed parlours are happy to take the kids' money without even asking their ages - and shockingly it's LEGAL for them to let in under-16s.
Wirral Trading Standards says all sunbed shops should have sunbeds with a maximum UVR output of 0.3W/ m2.