sun style

sun style (swn stīl), variant of tai chi developed by Sun Lutang and characterized by its quickness and compact moves; Sun was among the first to teach tai chi to the general public.
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The Sun style sports a sun motif at 12 o'clock; the Seashells variant has seashell patterns etched on the dial.
The Arthritis Foundation promotes a tai chi practice based on the Sun style that differs in some respects from the Yang style used in the study, she noted.
The Umberto Giannini Sun Style hair kit, pounds 10, includes a range of sun styling products with protective formulations to prevent sun damage, colour fade, dryness and frizz.
In typical Sun style, Brooks was turned into "debonair ex-trainer Champagne Charlie", the Old Etonian who "cuts a dashing figure" on the racecourse.
Express Bodicare, AltiTUNES Music & Electronics, Authors Bookstore, Daily News, and Sun Style Gifts & Apparel.
The new catalogue includes 145 new optical and sun styles and this year shows each frame in all of its different colours.
An expanded forty-eight movement sequence, compiled by the Chinese National Athletic Association in 1976, incorporates postures from Yang, Chen, Wu, and Sun styles.
The designs include antique sun styles and a fleurde-lis.