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(1) SUMO

Sentrin, Small Ubiquitin-Like/-Related Modifier, Ubiquitin-Like 1. One of the superfamily of ubiquitin-like polypeptides that covalently attach to intracellular target proteins altering their function, location, and/or half-life

(2) Sumo

A Japanese contact sport in which a wrestler (rikishi) tries to force an opponent out of a circular ring (dohyoo) or touch the ground with any part of his body other than the soles of his feet. The sport is nearly as old as Japan itself, which is the only country where it is practised professionally
Health problems Sumo are at an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, hypercholesterolaemia, hypertension, heart attacks, bone and joint problems, and live an average 10 years less than the average Japanese male
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Everybody says that you are not just the best but also the most attractive sumo wrestler," Borisov told Kotooshu during the reception in his typical style.
First, we could not assess the details of body composition, cause of death and the effects of other common risk factors of death such as smoking and alcohol consumption, largely because the data used was secondary data from The Professional Sumo Wrestler Directory.
If you look at past punishments against other sumo wrestlers, the ban was too harsh,'' said his lawyer, Makoto Miyata.
But they were some pretty intimidating sumo wrestlers.
Makuuchi, which is comprised of 42 elite Sumo wrestlers, represents the most difficult and competitive of all divisions.
Sumo wrestler Sharran Alexander, Johanna Quaas, and Moustafa Ismail * Zeus, the world's tallest dog, a Great Dane measuring 44in from foot to withers
The top Bulgarian sumo wrestler, Kaloyan Mahlyanov, aka Kotooshu, has married his long-time friend Asako Ando on Saint Valentine's Day, February 14.
A former sumo wrestler was arrested on suspicion of swindling a woman of some 7.
Activities include who can eat the most Smarties with chopsticks in a minute, sponsored dress-ups where managers will take on the identity of a sumo wrestler for the day, food sales and film screenings.
If you wore a thong you might look like a Sumo wrestler.
He became a yokozuna, a top-ranked sumo wrestler, in five years.
Because it's big guys - mostly naked - people make fun of it," said Kelly Gneiting, of Arizona, a 405-pound sumo wrestler by weekend and research analyst by day.