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(1) SUMO

Sentrin, Small Ubiquitin-Like/-Related Modifier, Ubiquitin-Like 1. One of the superfamily of ubiquitin-like polypeptides that covalently attach to intracellular target proteins altering their function, location, and/or half-life

(2) Sumo

A Japanese contact sport in which a wrestler (rikishi) tries to force an opponent out of a circular ring (dohyoo) or touch the ground with any part of his body other than the soles of his feet. The sport is nearly as old as Japan itself, which is the only country where it is practised professionally
Health problems Sumo are at an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, hypercholesterolaemia, hypertension, heart attacks, bone and joint problems, and live an average 10 years less than the average Japanese male
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A sumo wrestler can make a good living, Kenneth said, depending on how good he is.
As you know, professional Sumo wrestlers are expected to lead specific lifestyles that promote increases in body weight after go professional.
Therefore, a sumo wrestler undergoes heavy training to strengthen his body muscles before he starts to gain weight.
He eventually ended up looking like a sumo wrestler.
These include 86-year-old Johanna Quaas, a retired PE teacher from Leipzig, Germany, who is named the oldest gymnast; Egyptian-born Moustafa Ismail, recognised for having the largest "guns" - biceps and triceps - with a circumference of 25.5in; and London-based sumo wrestler Sharran Alexander, who weighs 203.21 kg (32 stone), who was named the world's heaviest sportswoman.
* Sumo wrestler Sharran Alexander, Johanna Quaas, and Moustafa Ismail * Zeus, the world's tallest dog, a Great Dane measuring 44in from foot to withers
A MIDLAND bouncy castle company is using Facebook in a bid to catch crooks who stole pounds 25,000-worth of sumo wrestler suits and bucking broncos.
1 sumo wrestler, 1 elder admit involvement in match-fixing to JSA
The top Bulgarian sumo wrestler, Kaloyan Mahlyanov, aka Kotooshu, has married his long-time friend Asako Ando on Saint Valentine's Day, February 14.
Yeah, and I'm a sumo wrestler. As our picture, left, shows, as soon as she gets the chance, she slips her heels off.
He became a yokozuna, a top-ranked sumo wrestler, in five years.
THERE can't be a more unlikely sumo wrestler in the world than skinny singer Chesney Hawkes (left).