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Designating a sulfur compound in which sulfur has a valence of +4 compared with sulfuric compounds in which sulfur has a valence of +6, or sulfides (-2).
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SINGAPORE/DUBAI: Saudi Arabia and other OPEC producers are having to play a difficult balancing act in keeping high oil prices from eroding demand while at the same time protecting the value of their lower-priced, more sulphurous crude.
Pollution is caused mainly by the burning of sulphurous lignite (brown coal) in power stations and homes.
Each held a cauldron of molten bronze which smoked evilly and waited for frame joints to be dipped into its sulphurous contents.
You can plaster yourself in therapeutic mud or soak in a sulphurous thermal mineral spring -- the Dead Sea just oozes with health.
Someone recalls being told that this has been 'burning up' (oh sulphurous phrase) the gallops against older horses.
Authorities believe the family - Massimiliano Carrer, 45, wife Tiziana Zampella, 42, and son Lorenzo - were boiled alive in the mud or killed by sulphurous fumes.
Clean air, full of oxygen, now pumps into the atmosphere, where there was once only sulphurous smoke.
Other regions that have medical resources include Oyoun Moussa in Sinai, and the Bahariya oasis, both of which have sulphurous and mineral water spots that helps in treating rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and skin diseases.
Hundreds of devotees and pilgrims came from different parts of the country, to take holy dip at Tapt Kund, a natural sulphurous spring, in India's northern state of Uttarakhand, on Wednesday (May 22).
Keywords: Sulphurous Mineral Water, Knee Ostheoarthritis, Hip Ostheoarthritis
A "sospan fach" (little saucepan) containing the area's sulphurous water from its original source will be carried by chariot to town centre.
The simple tale of a time traveller in a police phone box touched a chordwith millions who saw those sulphurous black and white images all those years ago.