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Addition of sulfate groups as esters to preexisting molecules.


Addition of sulfate groups as esters to preexisting molecules.
Synonym(s): sulphation.


n a phase-II detoxification pathway that occurs in the liver and in which compounds that contain sulfur combine with components to remove them from the body.
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Since, evaluations of the transsulfuration pathway in those with an ASD diagnosis has revealed significant decreases in transsulfuration metabolites including cysteine (103)-(107), glutathione (103)-(107), and sulphate (108), impaired sulphation (150) as well as significant increases in common polymorphic variants known to modulate the methionine cycle and transsulfuration pathways (106, 114-116), there may be a marked shift toward DHEA, and subsequent metabolites in the androgen synthesis pathway.
The unique CTEK system, however, quickly and safely deals with the problems that reduce battery life and cause failure - sulphation and stratification - safely and at the touch of a button.
Effect of polysaccharide peptide (PSP) on in vivo sulphation and glucuronidation of paracetamol in the rat.
The sulphuric acid addition was established at the end of March, with the sulphation kiln producing sulphated beta spodumene which, in turn, was fed through the Plant.
The front half of the plant - which includes calcination, sulphation, leaching and precipitation - is expected to be completed with commissioning to commence during Q4 2011.
Sulphation deficit in "low functioning" autistic children: a pilot study.
Typically, these metabolites are then conjugated by phase II reactions such as glucuronidation, sulphation or methylation to form less toxic metabolites which are more readily excreted due to their increased polarity.
However, studies on the sulphation characteristics of biomass ash are comparatively sparse though the possibilities of sulphur retention on biomass ash have been reported in combustors (Nordin, 1995; Hein and Bemtgen, 1998; Tsai et al.
Sulphation of resveratrol, a natural product present in grapes and wine, in the human liver and duodenum.
The finding of preservation of activities of glucuronidation and sulphation pathways in human liver in vitro from fit elderly subjects is consistent with these in vivo results [15].
Tenders are invited for supply of battery terminal anti sulphation coating and cleaner contact cleaner belzona and rtv compound
Sulphation of Estonian and Israeli oil shale ashes under atmospheric and pressurized combustion conditions.