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Fucoidan, a fucose containing sulphated polysaccharide from brown algae, exhibits antiviral property by inhibiting the attachment of virus to the host cell (156).
Fucoidan, which is extracted from brown seaweed, is a complex sulphated polysaccharide that is mostly composed of L-fucose and sulphated ester groups.
Bioactivity and applications of sulphated polysaccharides from marine microalgae.
Its properties are derived from its composition, mainly from its iodised matter and sulphated polysaccharides such as fucoids and alginates.
pylori was inhibited by sulphated polysaccharides (heparin and chondroitin sulphates) (Hirmo et al.
Various sulphated polysaccharides, including carrageenans, amylose sulphate and xylan sulphate, were effective as browning inhibitors with diced apple.