sulfur trioxide

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sul·fur tri·ox·ide

SO3; forms sulfuric acid, H2SO4, by its reaction with water.
Synonym(s): sulfuric oxide
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Sulfur trioxide occurs in a monomeric form and in several polymeric forms.
Coalition uses 10-20% sulfur trioxide gas, recycles the unused portion, and neutralizes with calcium, which becomes incorporated into the sulfonated surface.
During normal combustion, sulfur in fuel reacts with oxygen and produces sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide which later converted as sulfates in diesel oxidation catalyst and deposited on the catalyst.
The formation of sulfur trioxide radical anion during the prostaglandin hydroperoxidase-catalyzed oxidation of bisulfite (hydrated sulfur dioxide).
Sulfur trioxide forms in the high-temperature medium (>1100 [degrees]C) through the reaction with atomic oxygen according to the equation
Sulfur trioxide ([SO.sub.3]) exemplifies these "hypervalent" molecules.
S[O.sub.2] - Sulfur dioxide S[O.sub.3] - Sulfur trioxide S[O.sub.x] - SO and SO