sulfur oxide

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sulphur oxide

Any of a family of chemical pollutants derived from combustion of fossil fuels.

sulfur (IV) oxide

An irritating gas used in industry to manufacture acids and as a bactericide and disinfectant. It is derived from burning fuels that contain sulfur and from volcanic emissions. When absorbed by water on particulates in the atmosphere, the gas is further oxidized (e.g., by light and NO2) to form sulfuric acid (H2SO4. It is a major component of air pollution.
CAS # 7446-09-5
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The oil industry expects dimethyl ether to serve as a next-generation clean energy because it emits no sulfur oxide and little nitrogen oxide when burnt.
On April 4, 2008, the IMO's Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) approved far reaching new standards that it hopes will sharply reduce vessel particulate matter and sulfur oxide emissions.
In terms of air pollution, sulfur oxide and carbon dioxide emissions increased by 42.
Unlike some competitors that only test for ozone degradation, Canon has tested the ChromaLife100 system against three types of gases to simulate realistic conditions - ozone, nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide.
In April this year, Yara also took a majority stake in Green Tech Marine, a leading sulfur oxide (SOx) scrubber supplier to the marine industry.
Under RECLAIM, facilities that generate more than four tons of pollution annually would be given annual caps for nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide emissions.
The innovative exhaust treatment technology is projected to reduce soot particles, nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide by 90% to 99%.
The business consists primarily of the DESOX product line, an additive used to achieve compliance with environmental regulations in sulfur oxide (SOX) emissions, which contribute to acid rain.
NASDAQ: NATC) reported the award of a contract to install a dry sodium injection system for the control of sulfur oxide emissions at a major gulf coast refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas.
The reductions in sulfur oxide and particulate matter emissions referenced with that initiative were consistent with the differences in emissions between Trailer Bridge's vessels using distillate fuel and self-propelled competitors using residual fuel.
The regenerable sorbent, produced by Grace, removes more than 80 percent of the nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide while producing a saleable by-product, elemental sulfur.
By the end of March, Yara will decide whether to use dual-fuel engines or scrubbers to meet rules on sulfur oxide emissions in Emission Control Areas.