sulfur group

sul·fur group

(sŭl'fŭr grūp),
The elements sulfur, selenium, and tellurium; they form dibasic acids with hydrogen, and their oxyacids are also dibasic.
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The sulfur-functional linear polyorganosiloxane may include a chemically protected sulfur group. Under certain conditions, the sulfur group may react with the unsaturated elastomer.
Tetrasulfide and disulfide silanes have ethoxy groups at one end and the sulfur group on the other.
The addition of sulfur groups and reducing the dimensions of the polymeric composite from micro to nano resulted in an increase in the efficiency of the polymeric nanocomposite for the sorption of silver from acidic solutions.
TESPT contains 11.9% free sulfur groups which are capable of splitting out of the silane molecule to induce crosslinking during long-term thermal exposure.
There, it competes with phosphorus, grabs onto sulfur groups, or otherwise gums up the works, causing cell death.
Then, PR81 anti-MUC1 monoclonal antibody was attached to the albumin nanoparticles containing the medicine by using two-end active pegging attachment taking into consideration the free amine groups in the surface of nanoparticles and free sulfur groups created on the antibody structure.