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The sulfur analog of a ketone, R'-SO-R".
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The sulfur analogue of a ketone, R'-SO-Rd'.
Synonym(s): sulphoxide.
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The crude products of compounds 7-15 were re-crystallized with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and water (15:1), and the rest were re-crystallized with anhydrous ethanol.
Dimethyl sulfoxide: an effective penetration enhancer for topical administration of NSAIDs.
The LC/ultraviolet (UV, wavelength 224 nm) analysis of the methyl p-tolyl sulfoxide using a reversed phase Alltima C18 5 [micro]m column (250 mm length, 3 mm internal diameter, Grace Davison Discovery Science, Deerfield, USA) in isocratic mode (acetonitrile/water in the ratio 57/43, 1 ml/min) was controlled with a Waters Alliance e2695.
Other protein overexpressed only in the Bolivia strain treated with piplartine was methionine sulfoxide reductase (MSR, Table 3, spot 10).
In the asphalt ageing process, polar functional groups such as carbonyl and sulfoxide produced in chemical reaction accelerate intermolecular interactions and lead to constituent changes and empirical rheological indices deterioration of the asphalt.
The net effect is the red shift of the UV spectra of 2-chlorophenol in methanol and dimethyl sulfoxide. Similar solvatochromism was also observed in 2-nitrophenol.
Sulfoxide compounds, also synthesized in our work, have unique synthetic application to be used in synthetic studies.
(1) Use of intravesical instillation of dimethyl sulfoxide and oral colchicine have been previously reported for treatment of smaller lesions.
One second-line option is bladder instillations of dimethyl sulfoxide weekly for 6 weeks, cutting back to once-monthly maintenance therapy if the more intensive regimen is effective.
Solutions of [10.sup.-5] M ODQ, [10.sup.-4] M KT 5823, [10.sup.-5] M apamin plus [10.sup.-5] M charybdotoxin and [10.sup.-3] M indomethacin were prepared by using 1.39 M dimethyl sulfoxide, 1.01 M ethyl acetate, 1.73 M acetic acid and 9.4 x [10.sup.-3] M sodium bicarbonate, respectively.
Capriotti and her colleagues have developed a topical treatment that contains dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) combined with dilute povidone iodine, which is applied to the lid margin of the closed eye.

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