sulfonium salts

sul·fo·ni·um salts

(sŭl-fō'nē-ŭm sawlts),
Compounds containing sulfur covalently linked to three moieties, for example, RS+(R')R''', such as S-adenosyl-l-methionine is one such compound.
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Cationic photo-polymerization uses photo-initiators such as iodonium and sulfonium salts to produce cross-linked films from epoxy monomers.
Recently, the use of a number of sulfonium salts for thermally induced cationic polymerization has been reported (16), (17).
A wide variety of acids may be photo-chemically generated from these sulfonium salts, including the strongest known organic acid, triflic acid, as well as very strong inorganic acids like hexafluoroantimonic acid.
In this work, a sulfonium salt PAG, triphenylsulfonium triflate, has been modified to allow its use as a crosslinking agent for a phenolic matrix polymer.