A mucin containing sulfuric esters in its mucopolysaccharides or glycoproteins.
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Glickman et al (8) evaluated multilayered epithelium in samples obtained from 17 patients and found that its glandular cells expressed neutral mucins, sialomucins, and sulfomucins at rates comparable to Barrett esophagus (88%, 100%, and 71% of cases, respectively, versus 100%, 100%, and 76%, respectively).
The study of the mucinous component of the neoplasm was performed using 2 stains: (1) the AB-PAS stain, which distinguishes between acid mucins stained blue by AB and neutral mucins stained magenta by PAS; and (2) the AB-HID stain, which differentiates sulfomucins stained brownish by HID and sialomucins stained blue by AB.