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The bivalent group SO.
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In this work, they present 13 review articles describing various aspects of this emerging field, including asymmetric synthesis of chiral sulfoxides, asymmetric synthesis of optically active sulfinic acid esters, asymmetric transformations mediated by sulfinyl groups, synthesis and applications of chiral dithiocetal derivatives, synthesis and use of chiral sulfur ylides, synthesis and use of chiral sulfoximines, synthesis and use of chiral sulfinamides, asymmetric catalysis using sulfoxides as ligands, sulfones in asymmetric catalysis, and computational studies on asymmetric reactions with sulfur reagents.
(7) USP 6,875,893 Preparation of a Sulfinyl Acetamide (expires May 21, 2023)
The Sulfinyl Moiety as an Intramolecular Nucleophile.
The research presented herein discusses the use of sulfur-based compounds possessing sulfinyl, S=O, and sulfonyl, S[O.sub.2], functionalities.
(98) Ajoene is an unsaturated sulfoxide disulfide and is a component of allicin, a sulfinyl compound that gives garlic its strong odor and flavor.