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the univalent radical -SH.
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sulf·hy·dryl (SH),

The radical -SH; contained in glutathione, cysteine, coenzyme A, and lipoamide (all in the reduced state), and in mercaptans (R-SH).
Synonym(s): thiel
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(SH) (sŭlf-hī'dril)
The radical -SH; contained in glutathione, cysteine, coenzyme A, lipoamide (all in the reduced state), and in mercaptans (R-SH).
Synonym(s): sulph-hydryl.
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Thiol, which is also known as a mercaptan, contains a hydrogen atom bound to a carbon atom and a sulfur atom, and is a functional group of sulfhydryls [6].
A precise method for the determination of whole blood and plasma sulfhydryl groups.
In enzymes in which Zn has a structural function (for instance alcohol dehydrogenase and proteins that are involved in DNA replication and in gene expression), Zn atoms are coordinated to sulfhydryl groups of four residues.
Reactive group content (carbonyl, sulfhydryl, and amine) in the chicken muscles was analyzed after myofibrillar proteins were extracted at 2[degrees]C by the procedure of Srinivasan et al.
The sulfhydryl-containing enzyme 5-ALA-D was inhibited upon oxidation of its sulfhydryl groups and has been suggested to be a sensor for oxidative stress [56].
In our current study, GSH which contains two nucleophilic functional groups, including a sulfhydryl (the cysteine residue) and an amino (the glycine residue) group, NAC and NAL each contains a nucleophilic amino group in its side chain, were chosen as the trapping reagents to trap the potential LIM-derived cis-enedial intermediate in mouse and human liver microsomal incubation systems after exposure to LIM.
On the other hand, the increased temperature enhanced the activities of amino, sulfhydryl, and oxygen-containing groups on the surface of the adsorbent.
In contrast, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase, glutathione-S-transferase, total sulfhydryl, and nonprotein sulfhydryl were markedly increased both in MAP and SAP after Nar treatment.
The physicochemical properties of egg albumin show that it composed of globular protein called ovalbumin which having free sulfhydryl groups [29].
The paste samples were utilized to measure surface hydrophobicity and surface reactive sulfhydryl content.
HSA has one cysteine residue at position 34 (in domain I) with a free sulfhydryl group.
Ozone treatment was found to significantly (P < 0.05) increase salt solubility, [Ca.sup.2+] -ATPase activity, carbonyl content, sulfhydryl content, and gel textural values of proteins without increasing peroxide values too much.