A compound (hydrosulfide) containing the ion HS-.
Synonym(s): sulfohydrate
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Gazi et al., "Hydrogen sulfide as endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor sulfhydrates potassium channels," Circulation Research, vol.
(137) later proposed a mechanism through which [H.sub.2]S sulfurates (sulfhydrates) cysteine residues of Keap1, which releases Nrf2 to the nucleus.
[H.sub.2]S sulfhydrates p66Shc at cysteine-59, which locates in the same C[H.sub.2] domain besides serine-36, disrupts the association between PK[C.sub.[beta]II] and p66Shc, inhibits PK[C.sub.[beta]II]-mediated p66Shc phosphorylation, and decreases mitochondria ROS generation finally.