sulfate water

sul·fate wa·ter

a water holding in solution appreciable quantities of the sulfates of calcium, magnesium, or sodium.
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(1992), schwertmannite is the most common Fe mineral to precipitate directly from acid sulfate waters. These minerals are grouped together in a separate acidity pool (i.e.
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Our study did not attempt to isolate such a mineral; however, in East Trinity waters, the measured field data strongly support van Breemen's original 1973 model of a notional ion assemblage AlOHS[O.sub.4] regulating aluminium activity in acid sulfate waters. Acid sulfate waters are complex with several aluminium and iron hydroxy sulfate phases potentially present.
Van Breemen (1994) and Nordstrom (Bigham and Nordstrom 2000) no longer support the existence of a mineral with the stoichiometry Al:OH:S[O.sub.4] as a regulator of AI activity in acid sulfate waters. However, our field data closely match the line of constant IAP for AlOHS[O.sub.4] determined by van Breemen (1973).
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