sulcus terminalis

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sul·cus ter·mi·na·'lis

groove demarcating the end of a structure (and usually the beginning of another).
Synonym(s): terminal sulcus [TA]
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sul·cus ter·mi·na·lis

(sŭl'kŭs tĕr-mi-nā'lis)
1. Sulcus terminalis linguae [TA]. A V-shaped groove, with apex pointing backward, on the surface of the tongue, marking the separation between the oral, or horizontal, and the pharyngeal, or vertical, parts.
2. Sulcus terminalis cordis [TA]. A groove on the surface of the right atrium of the heart, marking the junction of the primitive sinus venosus with the atrium.
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sulcus terminalis

1. A shallow groove along the outside surface of the right atrium of the heart marking the junction of the venae cava and the atrium. The crista terminalis is found at the corresponding location inside the right atrium.
2. A V-shaped groove on the dorsal surface of the tongue separating the anterior two-thirds of the tongue from the posterior one-third. The anterior (oral) part of the tongue receives different innervation and has different embryological origins from the posterior (pharyngeal) part.
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