sulcus cutis

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sulcus cutis

The ridges on the skin of the palmar surface of the fingers and toes, which form the fingerprints.
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pl. sulci [L.] a groove or furrow; a linear depression, especially one separating the gyri of the brain.

abomasal sulcus
the third or abomasal part of the gastric groove.
alar sulcus
lies between the dorsolateral cartilage at the nostril and the lateral accessory cartilage.
calcarine sulcus
see calcarine sulcus.
central sulcus
fissure of Rolando.
collateral sulcus
see collateral fissure.
coronal sulcus
a groove at the top of the hoof wall that houses the coronal matrix.
coronary sulcus
an external groove which indicates the division of the ventricles of the heart and the atria. Houses the circumflex coronary blood vessels of the heart.
cruciate sulcus
a deep groove which runs transversely across the rostro-dorsal surface of the cerebrum and which is one of the landmarks on the cerebral cortex.
sulcus cutis
fine depressions of the skin between the ridges of the skin.
dorsal median sulcus
see dorsal median fissure.
gingival sulcus
the groove between the surface of the tooth and the epithelium lining the free gingiva.
hippocampal sulcus
hippocampal fissure.
jugular sulcus
see jugular furrow.
lateral cerebral sulcus
see sylvian fissure.
sulcus limitans
a longitudinal groove in the neural tube wall of the embryo; stretches from the mesencephalon caudad.
omasal sulcus
the second part of the gastric groove in ruminants.
reticular sulcus
the first part of the gastric groove in ruminants.
rhinal sulcus
a deep groove which separates the neopallium from the paleopallium on the lateral surface of the brain.
rumenoreticular sulcus
a groove on the external surface of the forestomachs that marks the division between the rumen and reticulum.
scleral sulcus
the groove between the sclera and cornea.
sylvian sulcus
a landmark groove on the lateral side of the cerebral cortex.
urethral sulcus
the furrow in the ventral aspect of the corpus cavernosum of the penis that accommodates the corpus cavernosum urethrae and the urethra.