sulcus calcanei

cal·ca·ne·al sul·cus

the groove on the upper part of the calcaneus, which with a corresponding groove on the talus forms the sinus tarsi.
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Its anterior third is partly articular, while distal (anterior) to the posterior articular facet is a rough depression that narrows into a groove medially to form the sulcus calcanei. The elongated articular area distal and medial to the sulcus calcanei covers the sustentaculum tali and extends from the distal aspect of the body.
On its plantar surface is the deep sulcus tali, which with the sulcus calcanei forms the sinus tarsi.
In addition, the anteroposterior length and transverse width of the talus and calcaneus, together with the width, length and depth of the sulcus tali and sulcus calcanei were determined using a digital caliper accurate to 0.01 mm (Fig.
The width, length and depth of left and right sulcus calcanei were: 6.43 [+ or -] 1.19 mm, 31.85 [+ or -] 2.76 mm and 3.99 [+ or -] 0.81 mm, and 5.53 [+ or -] 1.00 mm, 32.42 [+ or -] 3.23 mm and 4.43 [+ or -] 1.05 mm, respectively (Table III).
Measurements of the calcaneus were similar to Jung et al, on Koreans and Uygur et al, on Turks; however the width of the sulcus calcanei in the current study also differed from Koshy et al, in Indians.
WSC: width of the sulcus calcanei, LSC: length of the sulcus calcanei.