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sukha (sōōˑ·kh),

n in Sanskrit, ease; the manner in which yoga postures are to be performed.
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Tenders are invited for Construction of sukha to jhiriya mata mandir road in km.
Other films in the pipeline are Jinda and Sukha , Patta Patta Singhan Da Vairi and Insaaf Di Udeek - Delhi 1984 , the Intelligence Bureau report said.
14]nurumbigyan lmah varuk ryy alasantan, kevala rakryan san masima atah pramana i sadrabya hajinya kabaih, samankana ikanan sukha duhkha kadyanganin mayam tan (pa)[1.
Harjinder Singh Jinda, Sukhdev Singh Sukha and Ranjit Singh Gill of Khalistan Commando Force assassinated Congress leader Lalit Maken to take revenge for the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.
The deceased belonged to Sukha Chak and Bajra Garhi villages.
MULTAN -- District government on Tuesday retrieved 100 acre piece of land from illegal occupants that was acquired in 2011 for the cadet college project at Bahawalpur Sukha in Multan.
Another of my favourites from Avasa kitchen was Sukha Mutton (Dh55) - mutton simmered in onion, tomato and spices, and made into a medium dry consistency.
General Vaidya was assassinated in 1986 in Pune by Jinda and Sukha.
The Nyaya school would instruct us to judge everything as pain, for we do not have any experience of unmixed pleasure or sukha.
My starter of king prawn sukha, prawns cooked with onions, pepper, and sweet chilli sauce, pounds 4.
The best of those chances came when Suree Sukha blasted a close-range shot over the bar in the 35th minute with only goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer to beat.
The Victory will also regain suspended trio Robbie Kruse, Grant Brebner and Surat Sukha, returning them to near full-strength.