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an outer garment covering the entire body.
MAST suit (military anti-shock trousers) pneumatic antishock garment.


An outer garment designed for protection against specific environmental conditions.


An outer garment designed for protection against specific environmental conditions.

Patient discussion about suit

Q. Is there a limit to how long the suit should be worn? Hi, my wife Lee, 36 always wear sauna suit for very long walk in hot sun. I am concerned because she walks alone and takes diet pills to boost metabolism. Is there a limit to how long the suit should be worn?

A. While doing this, she should be very careful. Sauna suits help to keep the muscles warm and that is what causes the sweat and they do not necessarily promote weight loss. She has to keep herself hydrated! Ask her to drink tons of water because her body is rapidly losing it. In other words, the weight loss is more water which can be gained back very quickly. I would recommend weight training and cardio exercise at least 4 times a week. Also, exercising in the morning has great metabolic effects. Therefore, put an end to diet pills because they are not good for your wife!!

Q. What kind of job would suit a person with a disability like arthritis? My Dad is settled in USA, and he suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Can anyone suggest me a job which he can take up, which he can do, without too much of physical work? He is well educated and was a teacher in India, but he is waiting for his certificates to get to USA, to apply for teaching positions.

A. Assuming you don't consider teaching in a classroom too much physical work, he should probably wait for his teaching certificates to clear and then work as a teacher. I meas, why do you feel he should change his career?

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"And welcome to America." For the return journey, Virginia had been true to her word, and all four suitcases were packed.
Gordon said 518 health facilities were assessed and it was found that 430 were in need of reliable electricity, following which 435 solar suitcases were installed in 430 health facilities.
Internal security forces at Rafic Hariri International Airport examined the suitcase and found 14.95 kilograms of gold inside, worth approximately $675,000, along with e1/4632,000 and $170,000 in cash.
Border Protection Brigade 611 of the Svay Rieng provincial police was patrolling the area between border posts 170 and 171, some 500m north of the Bavet border checkpoint when they encountered a man with a suitcase walking across rice fields towards Vietnam.
The post Search for third suitcase to continue appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
In a similar incident in October, a 20-year-old woman's body was found stuffed in a suitcase in Indian state of Maharasthra.
With a large suitcase, you might end up carrying unnecessary things, hence getting tired for no reason.
For years, when I did use a suitcase, I always opted for ones that were expandable.
As the police opened the red-colour suitcase, they discovered the blood-soaked body of a young man stuffed in the bag.
Helen Bestwick, who is investigating, said: "Luckily, both the cats are fine, which is surprising considering they were dumped inside a zipped-up suitcase in this heatwave.
The following are the seven ways to fit even more things in your suitcase. Roll your clothes Everybody, from flight attendants to military people know this technique: Rolling your clothes is the best way to fit all your stuff in your suitcase.
Giant suitcase to be located at Abu Dhabi International Airport to receive guest donations