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A branch of the behavioral sciences devoted to the study of the nature, causes, and prevention of suicide.
[suicide + G. logos, study]
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The study of suicide, suicidal behavior, and suicide prevention.

su′i·cid·ol′o·gist n.
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The formal multidisciplinary study of suicide and suicidal behaviour
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Even larger still when considering that suicidologists estimate that for every successful suicide attempt (i.e., one resulting in death), there are some 25 unsuccessful ones; in 2009, there were an estimated 922,725 attempts.
According to suicidologist David Clark, "the major studies all agree in showing that the fraction of suicide victims struggling with terminal illness at the time of their death is in the range of 2% to 4%." Two-thirds of those who died by suicide when they were in their late sixties, seventies, and eighties "were in relatively good physical health."[38]
(100.) "Suicidologist" is the self-descriptive term increasingly employed by those professionals--psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, social workers, etc.--who concern themselves with suicide.
Mary Bartlett, suicidologist and Magnolia Creek Clinical Director, "we hope this work will contribute a larger body of literary knowledge to enhance the understanding and efforts of practitioners to best serve those recovering from eating disorders and their struggle with suicidal thinking."
MICHAEL BOSTWICK is a suicidologist and psychiatrist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.
SCOTLANDS only full-time suicidologist last night said there is no quick-fix solution to the country's suicide problem.
Elizabeth Slump, a pioneer in the field of death and dying, is a certified death educator, grief therapist and suicidologist in private practice, specializing in adolescent grief and suicide prevention.
As psychologist Joseph Richman points out, "[E]ffective psychotherapeutic treatment is possible with the terminally ill, and only irrational prejudices prevent the greater resort to such measures." And suicidologist Dr.
Suicidologists regularly state that suicide is not caused by a single factor (5); however, suicide prevention is often oriented toward mental health conditions alone with regard to downstream identification of suicidal persons, treatment of mental health conditions, and prevention of reattempts.
World-renowned suicidologists and thanatologists (Farberow 1975; Schneidman 1985; Van Hoof 1990; Stillion 1996) gathered the most significant data about autolysis in the history of civilization.
Suicidologists and legal experts implore clinicians to document their suicide risk assessments (SRAs) thoroughly.
Avoiding interpretive labels is consistent with the advice of leading suicidologists (Farberow & Schneidman, 1961; Linehan, 1993a), emergency psychiatric guidelines (Butcher & Maudal, 1976; Thienhaus & Piasecki, 1997; Thienhaus, 2007), and research on suicidal behaviors in forensic settings (Dear, 2006; Toch, 1975).