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A Humberside Police spokesman said: "At the moment it is far too early to speculate on the possibility of a suicide pact.
He is also accused of entering into a suicide pact with an 18-year-old Canadian student who drowned in a frozen river in Ontario.
Recently a global internet suicide pact between 32 people on Valentine's Day was foiled by US police.
But Dr Rajagopal, who works at St Thomas's Hospital in London, said the internet appeared to be creating a new trend in suicide pacts arranged online.
Dr Rajagopal said little information existed about links between the internet and suicide pacts.
The number of internet suicide pacts has almost tripled since 2003 when the agency began keeping records.
NINE young people died in an apparent suicide pact after meeting on the internet.
Many had used the Bebo website, but police stress they have found no evidence of a suicide pact.
His dad Roy Boffey later discovered his son had been secretly planning his death for months and even formed a suicide pact with another man he had met online.
Suicide pacts have been made over the internet since at least the late 1990s, and have been reported everywhere from Guam to the Netherlands.
Research shows that suicide pacts have dropped by 27 per cent in 36 years, now accounting for less than 1 per cent of the total number of suicides.
But he added: 'The recent suicide pacts in Japan might just be isolated events in a country that has even previously been shown to have the highest rate of suicide pacts.