suggestive therapeutics

sug·ges·tive ther·a·peu·tics

treatment of disease or disorder by means of suggestion.

suggestive therapy

Fringe medicine
A general term for any of a number of therapeutic philosophies that are based on positive thinking, which may incorporate psi healing, self-healing, healing suggestions, spinal adjustments, detoxification diets and food combining.

suggestive therapeutics, philosophy developed by Sidney Weltmer according to which mind and the body are equal determinants of good health. A faltering belief by the mind can lead to lowered resistance to disease and physical discomfort can influence the person's thoughts, both of which result in the state of disease.

sug·ges·tive ther·a·peu·tics

(sŭg-jestiv thāră-pyūtiks)
Treatment of disease or disorder by means of suggestion.
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